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Hello everyone! Welcome on Nowadays.Co. We are the most prestigious website from which you can get all the resources for your favorite games you want and what is more important unlock premium features. This time we focused more on online generators, because we noticed a lot of you had some difficulties with installing our applications. Therefore, we decided to publish two versions of our software for those who want save time and for those who prefer classic ways of things. Our group is composed of professionals who make cheating programs like this one as a hobby. It means we are not going to get paid for them, it is purely volunteer action. Dragon City Hack is first tool of its kind, which is possible to run via browser or on your computer. For more information feel free to read the article below where we discuss more features and basic information about game itself.

As we mentioned earlier, Dragon City Cheats are available not only via application that has to be downloaded on your computer, but also via Internet. We didn’t want to limit you to only one option, so we decided to develop both online, and regular versions. That is to say, you can choose if you want to use features enabled by our team on your computer or on your browser. It is very important for people who rather scan everything they download and be sure they use legitimate software. However, there are exceptions who care only about time and these guys know that our website is trustworthy. There is no doubt they are right, so why would they waste time and download program that is available online?

But before we describe Dragon City Cheat, let us say few more things about game because it is worth knowing why we created this particular product. Dragon City was a game designed for Facebook page at first. Creators from Socialpoint studio were responsible for this game. However, when they noticed great popularity and hype around the game, they decided to release mobile version of the game. Overall, game is focused on collecting various dragons. You can mix different types of elements to create brand new dragons. It is essential for later phase of the game when you will have to use them on combats. Dragon City Hack was made for both Facebook and mobile versions of the game, it is compatible with all browsers and versions of platforms.


Main resource in the game is gold. Nevertheless, there are two other goodies you must have in order to maintain good prosperity in your game. Except gold, you have to have food and it is obvious why. Without food, your dragons would starve to death, so you have to breed them. Third and probably the most difficult currency to get are gems. It is premium resource and the only way to get it is via micro-transactions. Of course you don’t have to do that because we have unlocked infinite access to resources generator in Dragon City Hack. In most cases people tend to spend their hard-worked money on things that don’t matter. Virtual games should stay virtual and purchasing anything is waste of your cash. However, gems can give you huge advantage over other players. New, special options and boosts for your account are available, thus no one can really be equal with you. There is some truth in this, but you have to remember that there are other things that matter. The poor cannot get access to huge amounts of gems, so it is mainly for them we made our software.

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Except gold, food and gems generator, Dragon City Cheats have got some functional options. You probably wonder why you can’t see them. It is because they work in the background and the only job they have is guarding you and your account. Proxy servers, anti-ban script and log cleaner are three functions, which are important for your anonymity. Thanks to them you will never be detected. You can add any amount of resources for your account without being discovered by administrators or ban bots. No one will ever know you cheated!

Last thing worth noting is compatibility. As you know, Dragon City is mainly played on Facebook by various browsers. We noticed that even Internet Explorer users are among us. To make sure even those guys can use Dragon City Cheat, we had to make sure our tool is optimized in the best possible way. The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that we had to spend more time programming our software but thanks to that you are going to get the highest quality product without any chance of getting bugs or lags. Everything is error free and if you don’t believe us, try it by yourself! Everything is free from charges!

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